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Do you like what AVO Magazine does? Did you know that you can help the website? There are multiple ways to help AVO Magazine, read more about it on this special page.

Social media

Please remember that donating money or clicking the (affiliate) links is not mandatory to help the website. Another (free) way to spread the word about AVO Magazine is by sharing the links of articles you enjoyed and following AVO Magazine on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to AVO Magazine’s YouTube channel.

Did you know that it also helps to interact with the social media posts by liking and commenting on them? That way it gets spread more naturally and hopefully, we can reach new people to let them discover another insight of Japanese music and more. It is not for nothing that we regularly say “Sharing is caring!”.

Affiliate links

CD Japan

Most music reviews have links (with a mention) to CD Japan. If you click on it and buy something, AVO Magazine gets points to use to buy new releases for review purposes.

JPU Records

In other music reviews, there are links (with a mention) to JPU Records. If you click on it and buy something, AVO Magazine will receive a commission to buy new releases for review purposes or to put into the hosting of the website.

Digital coffee

Instead of a Patreon, the choice to ask for extra support from you is via A digital coffee is worth € 3,00 and will be put into the payment of the domain and server, but also costs that are made for the design of the website and paid plugins. But also the costs made to allow reviews and reports. If you donate, you will get access to a special channel on AVO Magazine’s discord where you will get early updates about upcoming publications (articles and videos) and more as a thank you for your monetary support!

Become a writer for AVO Magazine

At this moment, we are looking for writers who have a big passion for Japan, specifically Japanese music, and loves to dive deep into the information to write up interesting articles, from informative articles to reviews and interviews, to inform our readers, or loves to discover new music and write reviews about it. We are also looking for translators to help us out with interviews. Become part of the team and contact AVO Magazine.

Submit news to AVO Magazine

If writing is not your thing, but you have an insight on news that needs to be published on AVO Magazine, please submit the news to us!

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